About Us

Answering the Call

FireGuide was founded by Lili Dwight, a twenty-plus year veteran in the field of enabling and assistive technology.

For years Lili dreamed of using her technology skills to create something life-changing for her nephew who was born with Down Syndrome in 1997.


A neighborhood fire was a call to action, inspiring FireGuide, a low-cost, easy-to-use mobile app to conduct fire drills and teach users to get out of the house safely. 


At FireGuide, our mission is to improve fire safety for every family using smart technology combined with knowledge of how people actually behave (not how we hope or expect them to behave).


FireGuide makes it easy for people to design personalized fire safety plans that work - for them and their loved ones. Our program makes it easy to build their effectiveness through practice.


Prevention is always the first step, but fires happen… and today’s fires are far deadlier than past ones.


FireGuide is a fire safety program designed for the 21st century, by a team that understands what it takes to corral loved ones and get them out of a burning building - quickly.


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